Bob and Dee

We are very pleased to announce that Bob and Dee Molton will be joining us, as Bob continues his training for Anglican Ministry.  Bob and wife Dee, will be moving to Newmarket in June, where he will join the All Saints Ministry Team whilst also serving as a Pioneer Minister across the Mildenhall Deanery.  We extend our warmest greetings to them both, and look forward to providing an "All Saints Welcome" as soon as we are able.  Bob and Dee have written to us to introduce themselves which can be read below....


Bob  Dee

Dear new friends at All Saints,

Max has kindly asked us to share a little bit about ourselves before we join you, hopefully before this summer finishes! Perhaps you know already that we are both studying in Bristol?  Dee, my wife, is working hard at completing her Masters in Applied Linguistics in a year, a desire she has long held.  I am a few days away from finishing the first part of my Anglican training, after which we should be heading over your way for the curacy in and around Newmarket.

This is an exciting prospect for us as we hear about what the Lord is already doing in the area. Although we know parts of Suffolk well, coming to Newmarket will be a fresh experience for us. Getting to know you, the town and the surrounding area will be a priority.

Prior to coming to study here, Dee and I worked in such diverse places as Cornwall (where we met), Birmingham, Brittany, in West Africa for 12 years, and finally in the Ipswich area; as church planters, as teachers and as school directors. This provided us and our two children with some awesome experiences, that were enriching, if not always easy. Consequently, we now have an international address book of friends that already include many from our previous eight years in Suffolk. We look forward to getting to know more of you around the dining table, as hospitality is something we enjoy. It’s a great means of fellowship and talking to people about Jesus.

Our daughter is currently working for a development agency, with projects in Malawi and Kenya, while our son, based in London, is working in marketing.

We have been signing into some of your Sunday online services to give ourselves a feel for the church and eagerly expect to be joining you in Newmarket just as soon as lockdown restrictions permit!

With every blessing

Bob and Dee