Booking to attend Services

This is where you will find the most up-to-date information about booking to attend a service in church (pre-booking is required for most services in order to control numbers in the building).

Below you will be able to book for the next service with availability that requires pre-booking to attend (Note - BCP Holy Communion at 0900 does not require pre-booking).

Watch the short video clip to learn more

Booking Arrangements

Please be aware that a condition of booking is to give consent for your contact information to be passed to the National Track and Trace service should they request it.  Tickets are limited, but please join the waiting list should tickets become unavailable; as this will help inform the numbers who would like to attend in person and will help us to adjust our current arrangements where appropriate.

Use the widget above or our Eventbrite page to book your tickets.  On the widget above, select the number of tickets you require (top right) and then "Register" to begin.  Fill in the form, making sure you scroll down within the widget to complete all required parts.  Finally click the "Register" button to secure your tickets.

The system will email you tickets that you do not need to printout. Any queries regarding online booking should be sent to

Book by phone

Booking by phone is available only if you are unable to book online, you can contact Rev. Susan Allison Paul Stannard or Joy Edwards to arrange a ticket (subject to availability) which will be available for you upon arrival at the service. You will still be required to consent to Track & Trace as described for online booking.

Tickets on the door

On the door tickets will not be available.

What you will be able to do

  • You ticket will enable you to come into the church building to worship on a Sunday. This will mean you will see other worshipers again whilst still maintaining the correct social distance and wearing a face covering (unless exempt from wearing one).
  • Listen to hymns being played and sung by the music group, however we are not allowed to sing. (It would be hard with a face covering on anyhow!)
  • You can use the toilet facilities, but we ask that you only use the toilet if you really need to. Only one person will be allowed into the toilets at a time, hand sanitising will be required before and after as well as thorough hand washing.
  • Give your offering, preferably in the envelopes provided. However, the Parish Giving Scheme is the best method to use.
  • Bring your own Bibles and any drinks you may need
  • Continue to worship online with us at your leisure, as all the content of the worship will be Live Streamed or pre-recorded and accessible. There will be more worship songs to listen and join in with too.

What you will NOT be able to do

  • Socialise in the manner we were used to. After worship we will have to leave the building and the church grounds as soon as possible.
  • The team stewarding the service will need to seat you in a specific order and you will probably not be able to sit where you are used to sitting.
  • No KFC or Messengers at present.
  • No Creche facilities.
  • Join us in worship if you have experienced any symptoms of Covid.