Coronavirus - COVID 19

Information on this page checked to be current at 0730 on Sunday 24th January.

Currently all in-person activities are suspended until further notice, so as to avoid non-essential contact.

At the meeting of the Parish Church Council on 11th January, and following a lengthy discussion, the decision was taken to close the church building with immediate effect. Our overriding concern is the well being and safety of not only the people attending services but also everyone who takes responsibility and has a role in putting services on.  Current News Media indicates that we are facing a significant spike in Covid cases, and we have a duty of care to act responsibly.  Thank you for your understanding.  This decision will be reviewed during February.

Please see the Church of England's dedicated advice page for the latest and more detailed information as advice will change rapidly over the coming weeks.

We have a weekly online Service in place of being able to attend in-person.

If you would like to make a prayer request at this time please click here.

This page last updated 0845 on Tuesday 12th January 2021