Lent Reflections - The Lord's Prayer

Welcome to this series of Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer throughout Lent.

The purpose of them is to allow space to dwell in God’s presence as we listen to His word, to ponder on the words and allow them to deepen our approach to prayer, and, if you have space in your lives, to be inspired by the words and express your thoughts and understanding through any medium you choose.

This may be through extra study through a published study guide but equally it might be through colouring, drawing, painting, or writing of some sort that reflects the meaning and understanding you have gained.


When you are ready, press the play button on the audio clip below (the play button is a solid triangle in the bottom left of the clip).


Week 2 - Holy is Your Name



Week 1 - Our Father in Heaven


Going deeper into the words we have used in the reflection is possible in so many ways.

Perhaps through the Bible passages they bring to mind, events in your life where they have had great meaning for you, through songs, artwork, …… the ways are endless! But, however you do go deeper, perhaps let us know, through a comment or image on our Facebook page - so that others can be encouraged too.

Every blessing, The Ministry Team