Why do we give?       

  • To say thank you to God for all He has given us
  • To invest in the work of the church

How do we give?       

  • With our time and talent
  • With care and support and prayer
  • With our finances

Ways to give

  • You can get involved in the life of the church
  • You can pray regularly.
  • You can contribute financially to the work of the church

Financial giving

  • A regular collection is taken at all Sunday services and there are wall donation boxes near the exits (If you are a UK tax payer please put your gift in a white Gift Aid envelope as the tax reclaimed from the Government means every £1.00 gift is worth £1.25 to All Saints)
  • You can use our contactless card machine which is located in the main space at the back of the church, and is very easy to use. There are four pre-programmed amounts or you can choose your own.
  • You can give via Direct Debit using the Parish Giving Scheme (this is our preferred method for regular giving).