Worship & Music

Worship in the broadest sense is an essential aspect of the life of any church; and, in Newmarket’s All Saints church, musical worship is a significant part of the character and focus of our services.


The music is led by a small group of singers and musicians who are committed to offering worship that is:

  • Pleasing to God
  • Able to lead the congregation to draw closer to Him



The style of our musical worship is varied: we use hymns and songs from well-known traditional writers such as John Wesley whose rich and beautiful words have been sung for hundreds of years; through to hymns and songs that have been written right up to the present day - drawing on the many contemporary writers, as well as hymns that come from the centuries in between.

Whatever the music, we aim for it to be relevant to today’s congregation without losing the richness of our musical heritage; we believe that this balance better enables our congregation to enter into worship.

Worship Team


The worship team practice each week, usually on a Wednesday evening. Most instruments could be used to enhance the music in one or more of the different services and we are always looking to enrich our musical offering with additional musicians.

Equally important, but less visible, members of our worship team are our sound engineers who mix the sound of the singers and musicians to ensure that there is a good balance in the music.

If you feel that you might be able to contribute to the worship team either by singing or playing and instrument then contact or speak to Beckie Offley about it, and about how much commitment you could make.

If you feel you might contribute to the technical side of the music then you might consider speaking to one of tech team.