Parochial Church Council


PPC minutes and related documents are available along with policies set by the PCC which includes our complaints procedure


  Revd Robert Otule

Revd Robert Otule
(Chair of PCC)



  Mr P. Stannard

Mr P Stannard

(Church Warden and Deanery Synod Representative)

Mr Chris King

Mr C King
(Church Warden and Vice Chair of PCC)


Mr D Hopper

Mr D Hopper


Dr C Madichie

Dr C Madichie

(Deanery Synod Representative)

  Mrs S Feary Mrs S Feary Mr M Meeks Mr M Meeks
(Minutes Secretary)
  Ms J Culpin Ms J Culpin
Safeguarding Officer
Mr D. McGrath Mr D McGrath  
  Miss J. Edwards

Miss J Edwards

Dr S. Offley

Dr S Offley

  Mr I Rees  Mr I Rees Mr F. Akwensivie Mr F Akwensivie  

Ms J. Stiff

Ms J Stiff


Revd Bob Molton

Revd Bob Molton


Revd R Woodard Revd R Woodard